Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This would be a better post if the Sabres were in the playoffs

The Sharks have come back and tied the Flames at two, in what is looking to be the most interesting matchup in the first round. The Wild have taken a 2-1 lead over Colorado in a series in which every game had a final overtime score of 3-2. The Flyers meanwhile are showing that they might beat Ovechkin and have a 2-1 lead.

About a weak ago the Sabres signed defensemen Chris Butler to a minimal three year contract. Butler played for the University of Denver this season, and is part of a shift the Sabres are seeing towards college players with others like Michigan State's Kennedy and Boston College's Nathan Gerbe also in the system. Traditionally the College route was not considered to be as good as drafting players from Europe or the minor Canadian leagues (like the OHL and the QMHL). This seems to be changing with the Sabres, and possibly the league as Mirtle has noticed the trend with some players in Phoenix as well.

Also Covered in Oil has a very scientific study on why getting hit in the groin with a puck is not as bad as getting hit in the groin with a bullet, but it still hurts a real lot. Of course they can afford to discuss such things, because the Oilers too are out of the playoffs.

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