Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Former Sabres in the playoffs

Although the Sabres failed to make the post season a few of the team's former Sabres are in for other teams across the league.

In San Jose former Sabres Brian Campbell and Mike Grier are not doing that well. Despite being my pick to win the cup the Sharks are down two games to one, and both of these players are struggling. Grier has been rather quiet, and Campbell has been flat out bad in these playoffs. While Campbell has been awful in this series (he was on the ice for every goal against last game), thats not to say that he is a bad player. Goose's roost has a Defense of Number 51 that I mostly agree with, and points out how good Soupy has been over the past few years. Additionally I wouldn't say that Campbell is bad in the post season either, because despite how poor he has been this series, he really stepped up his play in the playoffs the past two seasons. That said most players are known to be on the top of their game during a contract year, and Campbell is clearly an exception to that rule.

In the Ducks Stars series former Sabres Stu Barnes and Brad May (yes he is still playing) are facing off against each other with Dallas up after winning the first two on the road. Neither have put up any offensive stats.

In Nashville former Sabre JP Dumont finally got a win against the Red Wings. He had one assist and a plus one rating in the win, but was a combined minus four in the first two games. Still nobody expects Nashville to win, so they have actually been above expectations so far. Red Wings goalie Dominik Hasek is also a former Sabre and has been playing well despite being well past retirement age (although Cu-Jo earned the win for Calgary on Sunday as well).

Finally in other good news, the Penguins are now up 3-0 on the Ottawa Senators, and don't appear ready to let up. The Sens have been bad coming into the playoffs and even worse in them. Pittsburgh is not only going to get a first round win, but have plenty of rest to be in a better shape then most for the second round where it looks as if they will be matched up against a divisional opponent (one of the three).

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