Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ovechkin is a lock for the MVP

Alexander Ovechkin is all but guaranteed to be the NHL's MVP this season. There was a belief that it may be hard for him to earn it unless his team made the playoffs, but now that they are in there is really no question about it. Besides leading the league in points and goals, Ovechkin has also been towards the top in terms of hits, and plus minus.

He is the first player to score more than 60 goals in 12 years, and went well over that mark to score 65. In an attempt to compare eras Mirtle has figured that in terms of goal scoring, Ovechkin has had the third best season ever.

Furthermore this is only the third year in his career and all three have been very solid. This is his second season in which he is over 100 points and 50 goals. The one season where he missed these marks he still had a very respectable 46 goals, and 92 points (better than any Sabre this season). Also he hasn't really missed that many games. He has played a full 82 both of the past two season, and only missed a single game in the year before that. With Backstrom getting better those numbers are only likely to go up.

Speaking of Backstrom, he is one of the favorites to win the rookie of the year award. It is slightly more likely to go to the Blackhawk's Patrick Kane, but could even end up with his teammate Jonathan Toews. Although Toews has his chances hurt, after being hurt himself for a stretch this season.

Lindstrom is almost as guaranteed as Ovechkin to get the the Defensive player of the year award. Coach of the year is up for grabs, but the favorite here should be the Capitals as well.

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