Monday, April 28, 2008

Playoff Beard?

The NHL has a tradition of growing a "playoff beard" throughout the post season, and it is something that is done by most of the players. Sidney Crosby is trying to grow a playoff beard of his own, but things are not going so well. The picture to the right is three weeks in. That is absolutely pathetic. Even baby faced Danny Briere did better last season. Most players have bigger beards after the three days of not shaving, let alone three weeks. (Visit Going Five Hole to track Crosby's (lack of) progress).

Also the stats for this season are starting to back up what a few Sabres fans have thought all along, which is that we should have kept Martin Biron. While he had always beat out Miller in terms of humour and consistency, Miller had come through big alot last season, and there was little reason to second guess the decision. Now though, Biron has put up phenomenal five on five numbers, while Miller has had a sub par season. Still I like Marty so it's good to see him doing so well.

Also, back in round one the Flyers and the Capitals played an afternoon game on NBC. Where were the ratings the highest? Right here in Buffalo. Even beating out Philadelphia, and Washington. This only confirms what I've said all along, that Buffalo is the most hockey friendly city in the US. Too bad the Sabres aren't still playing...

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