Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Remaining possibilities

The Sabres are still not mathematically out of it, but their chances are continuing to disappear. The Rangers last win puts them out of reach for Buffalo, and leaves only the Philly and Boston spots within reach. The downside is that a single win by either of those clubs puts them out of reach as well.

The Sabres need to win out. This would give them a respectable 92 points for the season. Currently the Flyers and the Bruins are both sitting at 91 points with three games to go. This means that a single win puts them up to 93 points and out of reach. Either they need to lose out, or at the very least do no better than one tie (0-2-1). The Capitals are also ahead of the Sabres but can win two and still be caught.

If we all end up at 92 points, the Sabres should win the tie breaker against the Bruins and the Flyers, but would lose out to the Capitals. Preferably, they will stay at 91 points and it won't come down to that.

The Sabres next game is Tuesday night against the Maple Leafs and unless Buffalo can win this game then none of this really matters anyhow.

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