Monday, April 21, 2008

More teams eliminated

The Senators are no longer the only team to have been bounced out of the first round, and have been joined by the Devils, Predators, Wild, and the Ducks. Of these only the elimination of Anaheim was surprising (even if more than welcome). Dallas of course owes a big part of their success to the play of Marty Turco.

The other three series still going on include the Flyers 3-2 lead over the Capitals, and the Boston-Montreal and Calgary-San Jose matches which are headed to a game seven. The Bruins are really a surprise to make it this far and actually have a shot at moving on. Montreal no longer looks to really be the favorite in the East anymore as they have had some difficulty this round. The battle between Calgary and San Jose has been the most exciting in the playoffs this year, and the fact that it is going all the way to game seven should surprise no one.

The real first round surprises this year have to be the eight seeds of Boston and Nashville. Neither was expected to have much of a chance, but at one point the Predators had the series tied at two, and Boston has gone on to force a game seven giving themselves the opportunity to be eliminated by the Penguins.

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