Monday, April 14, 2008

Is a shutout needed?

Marty Turco won a playoff game last Saturday and it was amazing. There is nothing special about simply winning a playoff game, but for Turco the fact that he won without earning himself a shutout is something extra special.

For the nine previous playoff games Turco had earned himself four shutouts, yet only had four wins. Last season he had managed to get three shutouts in a single series, and yet still not move on. Although the Stars have made the playoffs every season since the lockout, this was only the second time since then that Turco has won on a night he wasn't perfect himself.

Even when the Sabres rode Hasek all the way to the cup finals they were not as reliant on him for wins as Dallas has been the last few years. In those four playoff series in 99 Hasek only had two shutouts.

It is possible of course that Turco has just passed the curse on. Marty Biron now has two playoff games under his belt and one shutout, and only one win. If the FLyers think they can shutout Ovechkin for four out of seven games they are going to be in trouble...

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