Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Neither Iginla nor Ovechkin carry their team

On what had promised to be a very exciting day of hockey, neither of the teams I was rooting for managed to win. While Jerome Iginla and the Flames, and Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals, both won their game sixes to force the seventh game neither was able to get it done in the end. The Flames fell apart in the second period, and found themselves in a 5-2 hole, and were mostly shutout for the rest of the game. Even when Calgary was able to keep the game close early on, it was clear that the Sharks were playing better.

The Flyers Capitals game was more exciting and made it all the way to overtime. This game was very much up for grabs throughout, and was finished when Lupul scored six minutes into overtime. Huet didn't have a bad game, but it probably would have helped if he was at least looking in the general direction of the puck when he gave up the game winner.

The second round is starting in a rush, and will have two games as early as Thursday. As for my first round predictions I was 6 for 8 which I guess is probably about average in terms of picking a seeded tournament.

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