Friday, April 4, 2008

No surprise

The Sabres lost to the Montreal Canadians (on the powerplay of course) 3-1. With this loss Buffalo is now mathematically out of the playoffs. Buffalo of course lost this game, the same way in which they have lost most of their games this season, which is by failing on the powerplay, and only really trying for ten minutes.

The Sabres held their own, until the Canadians got a powerplay, on which the Canadians did what they do on 95% of their powerplays which is score a goal. The game completely fell apart after that. Kotalik finally did score a goal, but at that point it was far to late, and all it did was avoid the shutout.

The final game of the season is Saturday, but it doesn't much matter at this point. Right now the Sabres need to resign Gaustad, and get Numminen and Connolly healthy (assuming of course that it possible).

Official Three Stars
  • Bryan Smolinski
  • Carey Price
  • Steve Begin

  • My Three Stars
  • Bryan Smolinski (two goals)
  • Steve Begin (one assist, plus two, eight hits)
  • Carey Price (only allowed one goal against)
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