Thursday, April 24, 2008

Predictions for round two...

My earlier predictions went reasonably well, with me getting six of the eight series correct. Some of my premonitions were dead on (picking the Pens to sweep), other picks ended in the right result but not as accurate (Montreal will have an easy time against Boston) and . Still I did pretty good, and I didn't have the Capitals nor the Wild winning in round two anyhow.

EA sports simulation of the series gave them a perfect eight for eight in their predictions. Apparently they really do know what they are doing over there.

Fortunately EA's picks past the first round, are the same as mine where. Given that all of the teams are still in it, and that the flawless computer program agrees with me, I'm going to stick with them.

My second round picks in the East are Montreal and Pittsburgh, with Detroit and San Jose in the West. Out East I would really like to see Philly and the Rangers both lose so I'm hoping that I've got that one right. Out west I'll be cheering for the Stars to pull off the upset, but I don't think that the team has the depth to pull that off. Once again the Colorado series has little interest from me.

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