Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Frozen Four

The NCAA Division I hockey tournament, has been down to their final four for a while now, but will resume play Thursday night for the semi-finals.

The first game is between North Dakota, and Boston College, and should be the more exciting game. Both teams got in with overtime victories in their last game, and have meet each other in the playoffs for the past three years. North Dakota should be favored to win, as they have the ability to score more goals. While being overly dependent on their top line, North Dakota uses them enough, that they should be able to manage enough points. Additionally North Dakota's goalie is brilliant and should keep Boston College's scoring to a minimum.

The other game is between Michigan, and surprise team Notre Dame. Statistically Michigan should blow them out of the water, but Notre Dame has beaten the odds all along, so there is no reason for that to continue. Either way the winner will probably get beaten by the winner of the Boston-North Dakota game.

Jarome Iginla carried Calgary to win over the Sharks, and the Penguins beat on the lifeless Senators. I really want to see Pittsburgh win this in four...

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