Friday, April 18, 2008

Playoff update

Now that Turco can win without a shutout, he seems to be abusing this opportunity by allowing a single goal with less then ten seconds remaining in the game. Still the Stars won 3-1 and have an opportunity to eliminate the Ducks next game.

The Flames-Sharks series continues to be exciting, with the Sharks grabbing a 3-2 lead overall. This came in a close 4-3 game where the team that scored first once again lost the game. The math says that scoring first should help the team, but you might want to avoid that advice in this series. In fact it was being suggested even before game five.

The Capitals are now down 3-1 to the Flyers, but probably have the best chance out of all of the teams that are two games back. Their last loss was a hard fought double overtime game where they may have leaned on Huet a little too much, but actually had a lead going into the third. Daniel Briere scored the goal to tie up the game, which he would not have done last year. Briere was dreadful in the playoffs last season, but seems to be actually trying now, and has scored five goals, and has a game winner as well.

The Bruins managed a win, but that shouldn't matter. Colorado is now up on the Wild. The Rangers have a chance to finish off the Devils tonight.

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