Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game Seven

The two most exciting series in the first round this season are both going to a game seven, so that should make a good night of watching hockey. The Calgary San Jose series has been close all along and while the Flames are the underdogs, they do have Iginla which always gives them a chance. The Flyers Capitals series has also been very good, and while it looked as if Washington was going to run away with it after game one, Philly shut down Ovechkin and got some production from Briere to take a solid 3-1 lead in the series. Ovechkin got rolling again in game six with two third period goals to force a game seven.

Another game seven took place on monday night where the Montreal Canadians eliminated the Boston Bruins. Boston did much better than expected in this series, and as a result Montreal can't really be the favorite in the East anymore. At this point the Penguins look to be in the best position, and have the benefit of extra rest after sweeping the Senators.

On CNN Wolf Blitzer made an idiot of himself when he admitted to have no clue who Sidney Crosby was. Even if you don't follow hockey he's kindof a big name, if it was a player like Tyler Kennedy I maybe could understand, but not Crosby. At the least Blitzer could have at least pretended to know what was going on. Furthermore it's not as if Blitzer is from Alabama or some other hockey deprived part of the world. Instead he was born and raised in hockey mad Buffalo. As such there is really no excuse for such ignorance. No wonder the people of Buffalo prefer Tim Russert (who like me has decided to root for the Capitals).

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