Monday, January 7, 2008

Spacek takes the reigns

With all the excitement surrounding the Ice Bowl it went largely unnoticed that Jaroslav Spacek has since taken over the role of team captain for the month of January. Hecht will remain an alternative captain as he has done all season, along with Pominville, who I can only assume is expected to take on the role of captain for next month.

Spacek has been playing much better this year then he did last season, but after a very good start his play has fallen off a little bit. While making Spacek captain may have made some sense when he was playing so well at the beginning of the season, at this point it almost seems as if the team is rotating the role of captain simply to do so, rather than giving it to whoever can best lead. So far under Spacek the team is 0-3 with neither of the indoor games even being close.

Mostly I'm disappointed that the team is continuing to dance around the whole captain question as the man for the job is clearly Jochan Hecht who has already signed on to be with the team for the next four seasons. He will probably get the nod come playoffs, but there is no reason to keep up this unneeded complexity any longer.

Spacek and the Sabres get their next chance for a win against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night.

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