Thursday, January 17, 2008

In a lackluster performance, the Sabres drop their tenth straight

The Sabres have now lost ten straight games, as they were beat by the New York Rangers 2-1. The Sabres however did not deserve to win this game, and seemed to put very little effort into their play.

Miller should have made the easy stop on the Ranger's second goal, but the blame for the loss really goes towards Buffalo's inability to score. The puck was almost never in the Rangers end of the ice in the second and third periods, and the Sabres were outshot 25-15 during that time frame.

Buffalo's powerplay wasn't any better as they were unable to score on five chances including 1:52 of 5v3 time. With their almost two full minutes of the two man advantage, the Sabres were only able to manage two shots on goal. As bad as that was the team did even worse when only up by one player.

The line of Hecht, Pominville, and MacArthur were plus one in the game though, and probably put forth the teams best effort all night.

As good as Chris Drury was last season, I expected to notice him out on the ice a little more, but he didn't register too much of a presence in this game, and so far has had a rather poor experience with the talented, but underperforming Rangers this season.

Official Three Stars
  • Petr Prucha
  • Brandon Dubinsky
  • Blair Betts

  • My Three Stars
  • Petr Prucha (one goal, two points)
  • Brandon Dubinsky (one goal, two points)
  • Jason Pominville (a goal and plus one in the loss)
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