Friday, January 25, 2008

Buffalo enters the all star break on a high note

The Sabres won a close game against the Dallas Stars with a score of 2-1. Derek Roy got both of the goals for Buffalo, while former Sabre Stu Barnes scored the lone point for Dallas.

It was a close game throughout, and both teams had plenty of opportunities to get the win, but the goalies on both ends played well. Although both goalies were not named for any of the games three stars, both were deserving and played exceptionally well. This would have been a radically different game is both teams had played their backups. Along with the Islanders' DiPietro, Marty Turco is one of the best stick handling goalies in the league. As an aside, ten percent of the league's starting goaltenders are named Marty (Biron and Brodour), what are the odds of that?

The problem that both of the teams had in this game was special teams. Both the Sabres and the Stars were very poor in this regard, many times not even coming close. In a combined twenty minutes of five on four play the teams combined for a grand total of seven shots on goal. Only one of those shots was by the Sabres. In four powerplay oppertnities the Sabres had zero goals and one shot. Having an extra man on the ice is supposed to be an advantage.

The good news is the Sabres have finally won a close game. This is still only their second win since Christams. Lets hope that following the All Star break, this is the team that we see, and that the effort and the ability to win is still there. The Sabres are back at .500 but that doesn't get you into the playoffs anymore...

Official Three Stars
  • Derek Roy
  • Thomas Vanek
  • Stu Barnes

  • My Three Stars
  • Derek Roy (two goals)
  • Drew Stafford (two assists, plus one)
  • Stu Barnes (only goal for the Stars)
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