Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long road to the playoffs

The Sabres really need to pick up their game if they want to make the post season. Currently they have only won one of the last thirteen games, and were barely on pace to make the post season before that.

On the assumption that 95 points are needed to make the playoffs the Sabres need to go 24-10-1 for the rest of the season to get there. Given the possibility that in the east only 90 points would be needed to make the post season a 22-13-0 record would do, but even then these are both only assuming what is needed to squeak by into eighth place. After wrapping up the top spot in the conference early last season, it would be cive to see them do better this year.

Given the above numbers the Sabres need to win better than two out of three games for the rest of the season needing in the range of 63% to 69% victories over the rest of the season. In their past ten games they have only won 10%. Even when you count each OTL as half a win they are only at 30% which is still less then half of what they need.

The positive side is that the experts say that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year and that things can only get better from here. Additionally the Sabres tend to be a streaky team (the last 20 games have shown both a six game win streak and a ten game non-winning streak). The possibility for the Sabres to suddenly get going again does exist. The bad news is that over the last 20 games the Sabres have only gotten seven wins and only 19 points. There is no way that less than a point per game was ever going to cut it. Seeing the winless streak come crashing down in a ten goal victory seemed to indicate a change in fortune, but that is starting to look more like the exception then the rule...

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