Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ovechkin steals the Show

This past all star weekend presented a problem to the networks, as they had to figure out how to promote this big time event without the media's favorite player Sidney Crosby being present. Fortunately they saw Ovechkin come in with enough excitement and flash to steal the show.

Even without Crosby there I had assumed that they would spend all their time talking about him anyhow. Instead they actually did a good job talking instead about the players that were there like DiPietro, Chara, and Atalanta's favorite Ilya Kovalchuk. The big name they were able to latch unto however was Ovechkin. The Russian forward was by all appearances the most happy to be there, and the most understanding that the whole weekend was about having fun and a good time.

He scored two goals in the shootout, and along with Getzlaf was the only player who realized that the goal of scoring the shootout was all about being over the top and crazy. Granted he didn't even manage to hit his shots towards the net, let alone score, but at least he went for something. Had he gotten a goal off of that move it would have been awesome, but even as it was he gets more respect then the players who failed doing boring stuff like trying to just quickly switch sides and wrist it through the corner.

In other news Selanne decided to return for the Ducks (like Niedermayer). However in a strange twist, unlike Niedermayer Selanne did not make the all star game despite missing most of the season.

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