Monday, October 15, 2007

Surprisingly Spacek

Spacek has taken off this season and is currently tied as the teams leading goal scorer with Roy at 4 goals in 4 games. This is after last season where he only scored 5 goals all year long. Also the fact that three of those goals have come off the power play is encourging in that he was horriable in that role last season.

His linemate Campbell is arguably playing better as he is leading the team with 9 points, although Spacek is second with 6 and Kotalik has 4 after only two games. If Spacek keeps this up he will have around 150 points on the season, but if he can get so much as 50 it will be a huge boost to this team.

Last season Spacek nailed Drury more often then the back of the net, but now with Drury gone he is finally aiming where he is supposed to. I guess I was a tad bit too harsh on him...

In other news Roy is having a great season. Besides being tied with Spacek for the most goals he is also leading the team in plus/minus at +6. Point leader Brian Campbell is second in plus/minus at 5. The Sabres are home tonight against Toronto who has been strugling so far this season...

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