Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hecht Rotates in as Captain

Lindy Ruff is returning to his pre-lockout strategy of rotating the role of captain on a montly basis. Jochen Hecht has been chosen by his teammates to wear the C to begin the season on Friday. The alternative captains have not yet been announced, but Campbell and Roy seem likly to be given that role. Much of the leadership on the team will still come from Miller back in the net (goalies are not allowed to be captain) and from Lindy Ruff behind the bench. Ruff has really taken a likeing to the idea of spreading out the role of captain. The last time the Sabres had a single captain for longer than a month was Stu Barnes back in 2003. In fact Barnes and Peca are the only two players to consistantly wear the C for Ruff besides the co-captains of Drury and Briere.

The choice of Hecht actually came as a bit of a surprise, but apparently he is who the team picked, and who they trust. As such he should be more then well qualified to accept that job for this club.

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