Sunday, October 7, 2007

Getting Closer (but not close enough)

These first two games against the Islanders were supposed to be easy ones for the Sabres, but instead they droped both of them losing the second game tonight 3-2. For the most part the Sabres played well in this game but were unable to finish and had two absolute collapses which lead to the second two goals for New York.

On a positive note, the powerplay was decent this game. Spacek scored in a five on four situation early in the game, but the team was only one for eight on the night. However, they looked better, and created a good number of chances, even if it only resulted in one goal. When they used Pominville on the point they were really able to get some good looks. On the other side of the ice, they allowed the Islanders to score on one out of four chances, which although not great is acceptable.

Also on the plus side Spacek is looking decent this year. After two games he is the teams leading goal scorer with two goals. It looks as if I might have been a bit too harsh on him. Without Drury to hit, he is finally aiming for the net.

On the positive side for the Islanders, Mike Comrie is starting off the season in magnificent fashion having scored six points in only two games so far this year. By far the best move they made in the off season.

For the Sabres things are not looking as good. It's a long season, but the games in October count just as much as the games in February and March. On the plus side the team has until next Thursday to regroup and get their act together. The team has got talent, it just needs to get rid of the monumental mistakes.

Official Three Stars
  • Mike Comrie
  • Rick DiPietro
  • Chris Campoli

  • My Three Stars
  • Mike Comrie - (6 points in two games)
  • Jaroslav Spacek - (who would have ever guessed it)
  • Jason Pominville - (he did everything right this game including an assist)
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