Thursday, October 18, 2007

Once again leading the league in Scoring

The Sabres are currently leading the league in scoring as they did last year, currently averaging 4.8 goals per game. Given Buffalo's offence first mentality this is critical to their success this year.

As every frustrated fan watching the powerplay knows, you can't score if you don't shoot. Fortunately the Sabres are doing well there as well. Mirtle has dug up some statistics on the league, and (as of Tuesday) Buffalo leads the NHL with 36.2 shots on goal per game. The Danny Briere lead Flyers are close behind at 35.8 just as they are with goals at 4.2 per game.

Buffalo's stats may be slightly inflated due to riping off a ridiculous 53 shots against the Capitals, and be getting the opportunity to play the lowly Thrashers. But the points count the same regardless of where they come from.

The more surprising statistic though is that Buffalo is fourth in the league in fewest shots against. Buffalo has always been known as being a shootout team in which the scores rack up for both sides, but this year it appears as if they are playing some defence as well. Again this may be inflated due to playing Atlanta, and shutting down the Capitals for only four shots in the first period, but if you can consistently get 10 more shots then your opponents per game, then you should consistently win...

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