Friday, February 8, 2008

Ovechkin on track for a MVP worthy season

Alexander Ovechkin is routinely booed whenever the Washington Capitals come to Buffalo, but there is no denying that he is one of the leagues best players. At this point Ovechkin has to be the favorite for regular season MVP and has a decent sized lead in the scoring race this season. After he (and his team) got off to a slow start, Ovechkin is currently on track for the first 60+ goal season in over 12 years and isn't that far off the mark for reaching 70 goals either. He is also doing this on a fairly weak team (although since the southeast gets to send someone it looks as if the Capitals will make it into the playoffs).

Don't think I'm giving up my support for the Sabres, but there are alot of reasons to like Ovechkin. First he has show some team loyalty by signing quite the long term agreement with the Capitals. He is getting paid very well to do so, but not unreasonably well, and it's not as if the Capitals are a star studded powerhouse team either. He has more fun than most while playing the game, and was one of the few to really enjoy himself at the all-star game (but he has fun every night he plays). Apparently he has plenty of fun away from the ice as well.

The Sabres play the Bruins tonight, and a win for Buffalo would tie the two teams in the standings. Buffalo's recent run has helped them alot, and the team is currently on track to get one of the final two playoff spots. They are estimated to have a 55% chance of making the playoffs and are almost guaranteed a spot if they can win 60% of their remaining games.

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