Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Needing more Tallinder

The Buffalo Sabres could use more players like Henrik Tallinder on their team. So far this season he is the most defensive defenceman in the NHL. His linemate Toni Lydman came in ninth on the list.

These two were Buffalo's key to victory last season, and they appear to be helpful this year as well. Keeping Tallinder healthy has been critical for the Sabres success in the past two seasons, and haven't had the offense this year to hide it. Too often the Campbell and Spacek line has been, but out for the games most critical points, when perhaps the Tallinder Lydman line should be used instead.

In a similar comparison of forwards, Jason Pominville was the only Sabre to make the top 20 at number eight in the league. Personally I would have expected his linemate Hecht to be the top shutdown man up front for the Sabres. After a slow start to the season, Pominville is showing how good he really is.

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James Mirtle said...

I think Hecht is pretty close to the top 20, but his penalty kill numbers are just a shade behind Pominville's.