Monday, February 4, 2008

Injury Update

The Buffalo Sabres have had some large injury problems lately, but are looking to get healthier. Neither Miller nor Stafford are hurt as badly as once thought, and Afinogenov should finally be returning.

After Ryan Miller was unable to play the third period in Buffalo's overtime loss to the Thrashers things were not looking good. The Sabres absolutely need Miller if they want to make the playoffs. The good news is that Miller shouldn't even be missing a game, and is expected to start against the Bruins on Tuesday. Miller has played great in the last few games, getting a shutout in four of the last five periods that he has played.

Stafford's ankle injury isn't as bad as it looked, and while he won't be immediately returning to the line up, he shouldn't be out that long. Maxim Afinogenov hasn't been in a game in a long time, but should finally be ready to get going once again come Tuesday.

The addition of Afinogenov to the line up puts Buffalo in violation of the leagues roster rules, and would require the Sabres to either send Kaleta back to Rochester or to place Connolly on injured reserve. Connolly is no longer expected to have to sit out the entire season, but it is still expected to be a while until his hip problem is expected to be resolved enough to allow him to continue to play.

Still no word on who the Sabres captain of the month is, although my money would still be on Pominville.

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