Monday, February 25, 2008

Sabres need to give Ruff something to smile about

Although a great coach, Lindy Ruff never seems to have anything to smile about. Even last season when the Sabres were playing far better hockey than anyone else he never really quite looked happy. Even if the Sabres win, we would see him lifting the cup with a grim look on his face.

A few weeks ago the Buffalo News quoted a little kid asking Ruff why he never smiles. Coming after that really bad loss to the Bruins Lindy replied “Did you watch the game last night? Would you smile after that?” Of course I don't think Lindy was smiling after the teams 10-1 win over Atlanta either.

The Sabres can work on getting Ruff to smile by beating the Flyers in Buffalo tonight. The Sabres won their first two games against Marty and Briere this season, and need every win they can get at this point. Hecht is expected to be back in the line up for this game, but even if he isn't the Sabres injury problems wouldn't be a bad as Philly's. The Flyers have lost Gagne for the rest of the season, and will now be missing Mike Richards who leads the team in goals, assists, and plus/minus. A win probably wouldn't do much to make Ruff smile, but it might help the team make the playoffs.

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