Friday, February 29, 2008

Further scoop on Bernier

New Sabre Steve Bernier is currently on pace to score 36 goals and 18 assists for Buffalo by the end of the season. While we doubt that will actually happen, he had a very solid first game in Buffalo, and managed to win over the fans.

With a few years of NHL experience all with the Sharks, Bernier is still very young, and was a first round draft pick in 2003. He is a big player, and seems to be aggressive enough to use that size to his advantage.

On the downside the word is he is known to have off days (as if the Sabres were not already a streaky team), however I think that will be less of a problem for him in Buffalo for a few reasons. First Lindy Ruff is still one of the best coaches in the league. Bernier didn't exactly get along too well with the coach in San Jose, and if anyone knows how to help along young players Lindy can. Furthermore the Sabres have a rather young locker room overall and it looks as if at least him and Roy are getting along pretty well.

Also he is from Canada (Montreal) and is happy to be closer to home. Furthermore he is apparently happy to be in a town that enjoys hockey. Perhaps this will help him get motivated to play a little harder day in and day out, and will help convince him to be willing to stay in Buffalo when it comes to it.

That said it may still be a bit early to really want him back, but so far so good. Honestly imagine what a line with Bernier, Kaleta and Gaustad could do. They would honestly just run people over. Maybe they can do that Friday night against Montreal, the Sabres need this win because they didn't get too much help Thursday night.

Also apparently Bernier is very cute, or at least thats what they tell me.

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