Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pominville on Fire (but one point is still not enough)

Jason Pominville had a good game, but the defense was still lacking as the Sabres lost in the shootout to the New York Rangers.

In addition to Tallinder being out, both Spacek and Kalinin both got injured this game as well. Neither player had been doing well before getting hurt, but this doesn't really help the team. With Campbell traded, Numminen still out for the season and these three injured, and Paetsch, Pratt, and Sekera all playing poorly that leaves only Lydman. To his credit he played good. However he saw only 29:27 of ice time. While that may seem like a lot, Buffalo needs him to be out there for the full sixty minutes or else we don't have a chance. Fortuneatly Tallinder may be back by Wednesday, I'd split the line up and make sure either Lydman or Tallinder are on the ice at all times.

Like Lydman, Pominville was also carrying his weight. He scored the first goal of the game 16 seconds in, and then had another one of his shots deflected for Buffalo's other goal. Then in the shootout, he scored the only goal for Buffalo on a very nice shot. Derek Roy saw even more ice time than Pominville, and played very well himself.

The Sabres biggest problem was on the powerplay where they got one goal on seven powerplays. However one of those was a full two minute five on three opportunity, that took the Sabres around 65 seconds to even get a shot on net. The Sabres need to accept the gifts they are given.

Miller wasn't all that great for Buffalo either. He did ok, but should have had the first one that went by him, and was coming way out of the net again in the shootout.

Buffalo still has a chance, but needs to get some wins first. Buffalo's next game is against the Penguins.

Official Three Stars
  • Jason Pominville
  • Brandon Dubinsky
  • Paul Gaustad

  • My Three Stars
  • Jason Pominville (all of Buffalo's scoring)
  • Brendan Shanahan (one assist, plus one)
  • Toni Lydman (all of Buffalo's defense)
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