Friday, March 21, 2008

Lots of goals

The Sabres have scored twenty goals in their last three games. At 3.75 goals per game, they have gotten the lead in goals scored for the second year in a row. If they can keep scoring 6-7 goals every game, they've gotten this season wrapped up.

The NHLPA is suing the NHL on behalf of Numminen, due to him not getting paid for this season. The Sabres seem to mostly be just letting the NHL deal with it, while Teppo himself seems to be focused on getting back on the ice. A high quality defender like him is the thing we need (sorry Funk).

Someone has finally come up with a Kaleta Collision t-shirt, and the honestly look pretty awesome. He really needs to sign a sponsorship deal with Carubba.

The Sabres have a late game against Toronto on Friday night. As good as the team has been, Buffalo still needs to pick up another two points.

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