Thursday, March 27, 2008

Looking to next season

After the last game there isn't too much reason to be looking forwards to the post season. So that leaves looking forward to next year. That begins with looking at the little good that came out of the last game and that is Mike Weber.

Weber managed to be plus two in a three point loss, and then picked up an assist to help the Sabres when it was looking like they could still win. Two games ago in the comeback win, Weber was an amazing plus five. Short story is that he has looked good in every single game that he has played with Buffalo this year. He has been one of the Sabres most reliable on the back end in his time up recently. He had an awesome blocked shot last game in which he was able to shut down a three on two situation. If we had brought him up all season instead of signing Pratt, we may still be looking at the playoffs right now.

That said I was pretty high on Paetsch last season, and the beginning of this one, and he hasn't quite been doing as well. While he has been better than Pratt or Funk, he's been rather even with Sekera and not really being as good as I had been hoping he would be. Likewise, this season I was looking forward to seeing how good Stafford would be playing the full season in the pros, and although not horrible, he has been a tad bit flat this year.

Also in the line up for the future, the Sabres have recently signed two kids out of college. These are defenceman Mike Kostka and forward Derek Whitmore. Whitmore is the more interesting signing as he is from the Rochester area, and can be considered a hometown player for the team. Seeing the Sabres make an effort to sign local talent is a good thing.

The Sabres play the Senators Thursday night. If the Sabres win out, they still have a chance.

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