Monday, March 10, 2008

One Point is not enough

The Sabres picked up one point in their 4-3 overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. However one point is not enough. The Sabres are now four points back on Philly, and after giving up two straight losses to the best teams in the southeast the Sabres now need to worry about Washington and Carolina stealing their spot to take put two southeast teams in.

The Sabres looked okay in this game, but needed better play from their defense. The team really misses Tallinder. Paetsch has not been all that good this season, and Pratt and Sekera never really have been. Furthermore the rest of the defense took the game off as well, and a dumb penalty by Spacek lost the Sabres the game in OT. The one exception was Lydman who was reliable in his own end, and even scored a nice looking goal to tie the game.

Hecht was back, which is a huge relief to the team. However this resulted in Bernier being scratched which was a bit odd. While he hasn't been as good as he was in his first game, Bernier hasn't been playing poorly nor has he been reported as being injured.

The real star for the Sabres in this game was Ryan Miller. Despite giving up four goal in the game he was playing really really well. He had two saves that were completely unbelievable. He kept Buffalo in this game despite the poor defense in front of him, and the Sabres taking 8 penalties as opposed to the Hurricanes' two.

Official Three Stars
  • Scott Walker
  • Sergei Samsonov
  • Eric Stall

  • My Three Stars
  • Ryan Miller (kept Buffalo in this game)
  • Sergei Samsonov (one goal, plus two)
  • Derek Roy (one goal, one assist, plus one in the loss)
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