Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Numminen and other notes

Teppo Numminen is back to practicing again and could realistically be back for the playoffs. At the very least the team could use some extra depth on defense as injuries and a trade have left us really lacking there (although Weber has been really good).

The Sabres didn't get any help last night as the teams that needed to lose all won. At the very least there were not any three point games. Technically the Sabres are now a point behind the Capitals (although Buffalo has an extra game to play).

The Maple Leafs let in a very bad shot. Honestly the first time I have ever seen anyone score from behind their own goal line (not counting empty net situations). Furthermore it was shorthanded! Has anyone else in the league beaten a goalie from 174 feet? I would have cut the guy mid game. In reality though he actually had a shutout for the final two periods, and Toronto actually managed a 3-1 win.

Alexander Ovechkin has broken 100 points on the season, and is the first to do so this year. He is also still on track to get over 60 goals. Unfortunately we need his team to lose, so it makes it kindof hard to root for him.

The Sabres play the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday night. This is a team that Buffalo has historically done very well against, and hopefully they can keep things rolling (they don't have much of a choice at this point).

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