Thursday, September 13, 2007

Uniforms Revealed

The Buffalo Sabres have revealed their new jerseys for the comming season, and they are mostly the same as last year. Despite my earlier fears the uniforms arn't that bad, but they keep the slug logo, and they are also keeping the numbers on the front (although not pictured). Actually keeping the slug logo is even worse, but the Sabres will not be able to wear their classic blue and gold jerseys this season, as the NHL is not allowing alternative jerseys this year. Which is really too bad, as most everyone liked the old logo better.

On another note, the Sabres vetrens reported today, and will begin skating tomorrow. Also more information on the ice bowl early next week. The NHL still refuses to admit anything, but has anounced that they will be at Ralph Wilson Stadium on monday to "make a major announcement concerning a special event"...

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