Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm not expected Buffalo to announce their new captains until after the end of the pre-season, but what I do know is that it will be someone new this year. Teppo Numminen will most likely stay on as an alternative captain. Teppo is the most experienced player on the team, yet I get the feeling that he has no interest in wearing the C. Some people may see Vanek as the obvious pick to be Captain, but given his already huge expectations, that may be too much. I'm thinking that Vanek will get to be the other Alternative Captain, this way he is given a leadership role without needing to feel as if he is responsible for everything. As for the Captain, Campbell, Connolly and Miller are the most well qualified. However goalies just don't get to be captain, and Campbell will probably have to wait until Numminen retires before he gets the job. As such Connolly is not only likely to be the teams first line center, but to be it's Captain as well. Lets hope he can stay healthy and get 70+ starts this season...

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