Friday, September 21, 2007

Preseason Starts as Teppo Recovers

Teppo Numminen's surgery yesterday went well, with the same 6-8 week recovery time as was originally predicted. That would put his return around mid to late November for the sabres. We wish him the best of luck in recovery.

Reports have come out (of Montreal of all places) that the reason for Afinogenov sitting out a game last playoffs was not due to his poor play but a result of him bounding his head off the floor while attempting to do a flip, while playing soccer. We always knew Afinogenov was a tad bit crazy and this tends to confirm it. Why this wasn't announced right away or how believable this report really is, I'm not sure. Interesting either way.

Also the Sabres have their first pre-season game of the year today at HSBC arena against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The games don't count yet, but it's good to see hockey coming back into season...

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