Sunday, September 30, 2007

Buffalo ends pre-season in style

Sabres squeaked by the Penguins again tonight, this time winning 4-3. Derek Roy only had two points (one goal and one assist), but we had to expect him to return to more rational totals.

Miller started as did Flurry at the other end, which may have had some effect on the lower scores in this game than last night. The Power Play though remains a mixed bag. The Sabres scored on half of their five on four opportunities (2 for 4), and only allowed one goal in four chances by the Penguins. On the other side though, the Sabres were unable to score in 2:05 of five on three action and also allowed a short handed goal.

The great captain rotation continued with Tallinder wearing the C and Gaustad and Connolly as the alternatives. This being the final preseason game Lindy Ruff should actually make a choice now. Regular season begins on Friday.

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