Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Jerseys (worst case senario)

The Sabres (along with the rest of the NHL) are redoing their jerseys for the coming season. Buffalo hasn't released any details yet, but else where the transition has been towards the cheesy and cartoonish. Now of course things really can't get much worse then the slug, but the islanders managed to mess up what had been a relatively simple colour scheme. Some of the new jerseys have looked decent, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Ottawa Senators, however given the Sabres recent jersey history I wouldn't get my hopes up. You may think that things can't get any worse, but let me explain how they can. First the Sabres take a page from the islanders book and make the sleeves bright florescent yellow. The main section of the jersey is then pinstriped diagnally with varying shades of blue, and the numbers on the front are written mirrored like the front of an ambulance. All instances of the classic logo are removed, the slug stays on the chest, and the B on the shoulder is back to red and black (to go nicely with the yellow sleeves). Of course seeing as this is Buffalo, it may very well be even worse...

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