Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Peca Question

Given the departure of three centers this off season, the Sabres could use some additional depth at the position, and the top unrestricted free agent at the position is Michael Peca. Adding him to the line up would be simple, simply removing Michael Ryan and splitting Mair out to the wing. Also Peca's expected salary wouldn't be too high, especially how late into the offseason it has already gotten without him signing on anywhere. Additionally He already has a house in the area and lives in the Western New York region in the offseason. However despite all this evidence pointing this towards being the most obvious signing ever, there are a few concerns that do come up, mainly how Peca left Buffalo the last time. As the team's captain Peca decided to hold out with 5 years still on his contract, and wound up sitting out a full season before being traded away. Since then neither the GM or the coach in buffalo has changed and the hostility may still exist. At the very least it is highly unlikely that Peca would be offered a long term contract, or that he would be renamed as team captain. It all depends on how desperate both Peca and the Sabres feel that they are...

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