Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anyone left to pick up?

The Sabres have been criticized this off season for doing almost nothing. Seeing the more active the first week would have been nice, but at this point there isn't too much they can do. Despite my earlier speculation it seems unlikely that Peca will sign with Buffalo. This begs the question of who's left? The quick answer is almost nobody.

Given that Peca is unlikely to come back, and that the Sabres have no need for any additional defense, the options are slim. Forsberg is nowhere near worth the money it would take to sign him, and is really too slow to make it with a team like the Sabres. If he will sign a one year contract for under a million great, but thats not going to happen.

The best free agent pick up would be getting Selanne. However, given his age and his expected salery, I don't think that Buffalo would be able to offer him any contract of more then a single year. He would be a useful member of the team, and a leader as well. Interestingly it would also put the two remaining Winnipeg Jets on the same team (along with Numminen).

The only other big name player I can see the Sabres picking up is Esche. The team already has a back up goalie, but not one at the same level that Esche is. He won't be quit the same quality back up that Biron was, but he is a solid player, and at this point could be signed rather cheaply. He is going to want to go somewhere, and most teams are already set on their top two goalies and really aren't looking for any more.

Beyond this I don't see anyone significant left in free agency. The Sabres are likely to pick up one or two unknown players, but I'm really doubting that we will see too much in terms of moves that will actually affect the opening night roster.

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