Sunday, August 12, 2007


I hate to keep reminding everyone that the Sabres have lost Chris Drury, but last year he was the teams go to guy for faceoffs at 58.8%. This leaves a hole as to what the Sabres will do for faceoffs as this is a quiet, but important part of the game. The next best on the team is Gaustad with a 52.8 win percentage, but it's hard to rely on a player who gets only 13 min of ice time a game and is unlikly to be on the ice for the powerplay or the penalty kill. The next best two were Briere and Zubrus (oops both gone)... Center Derek Roy did decent, and surprisingly so did Stafford. I'm not sure how keen they will be on using a winger to take faceoffs, but he hasn't done too poorly... Tim Connolly did fairly well in the few games he did play, but would need to show that he can do well all season to be helpfull, heres to hopping for no more concussions...

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