Monday, September 1, 2008

Things that the NHL should not do

A number of lists have been posted lately (mostly on Puck Daddy) about things that the NHL should change. I even posted a list of recommended rule changes myself. However, many of these lists contain items that absolutely should not be changed.

Changing the size of the nets
This suggestion is brought up over and over again, but really should not be. Although it would make it slightly easier to score, inflating the point totals is not really good for the game in general. There are less controversial ways to increase scoring such as allowing more curve in the sticks and changing the colour of the goal. To make a more exciting game the focus needs to come off goals, and to try and create an environment that allows more scoring chances.

League Contraction
There are a number of concerns over the size of the league, but it would be very detrimental to the NHL to have a smaller league. Not only would they lose money, but they would also lose talent and public standing. If anything the NHL is more likely to expand up to 32 teams.

Less playoff teams/Less games per series
Any suggestion to having less teams in the playoffs or to have shorter series in the first rounds are simply bad ideas. Playoff hockey is the best thing that the NHL has to offer, and creating less of it is simply a bad idea. Furthermore one of hockey's strengths is that a a best of seven series is used rather than single elimination. Anything move closer to single elimination is a step backwards.

No touch iceing
The current iceing rules reward teams for being fast, no touch iceing takes this advantage away from the quicker teams and as such is detrimental to the game.

Removing the Salary Floor and or Cap
The Salary Cap is the best thing to come out of the lockout, and as the fan of what is traditionally a small town (although not really in the hockey sense) I fully support the Salary Cap. Furthermore a Salary Floor is needed, as the players are contractually obligated to receive a percent of all revenue, so the removal of the floor would artificially inflate the Cap, leaving some teams behind.

Leave the Predators alone
Nashville may not be the strongest market, but it is still better than Florida, Phoenix, or Atlanta. Lets move these teams north before we worry about anyone else.

Failure to reword shootout losses
I am all for making everything a three point game, but to tell a team they get nothing because they failed in a skills competition is not acceptable. I would rather go back to ties instead of counting a loss in the shootout as a normal loss.

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