Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Ryan signs with HC Dinamo Minsk

Michael Ryan is officially not going to be with the Sabres this coming season as he has signed a contract with HC Dinamo Minsk an expansion team in the KHL. The Sabres didn't really need Ryan as they have plenty of depth at forward, but this decision is still a bit odd.

There is no reason that he couldn't have signed elsewhere in the NHL as a very competent fourth liner or at the very least a veteren for an AHL club, as they really are not all the far behind the KHL talent wise. Still Ryan is an American from Boston who really has no good reason to sign with a team in Belarus. He was getting to be one of the older players at the NHL AHL border, but was doing good and played in 46 NHL games last season and appeared to still be improving. Now he has gone off to Russia/Belarus to do who knows what, and has likely seen his NHL career come to an end.

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