Monday, August 4, 2008

Why I support Chicago

Starting last season, and assuredly continuing this year, my team to root for in the Western conference is the Chicago Blackhawks. Well, this isn't to uncommon in Buffalo apparently I need to justify my allegiance for the Blackhawks.

Like me, most of my friends are really into hockey, and with the NHL center ice package will often just turn on a random game and watch it. Early last season that focus landed on Chicago. Following the draft I had heard alot through the Buffalo News and such, about number one draft pick and Buffalo native Patrick Kane. Well I had never seen him play I was glad that a local player was doing so well, and was mildly interested. Meanwhile one of my friends happens to be a big fan of the University of North Dakota hockey team, and as such knew Jonathan Toews and was excited to see him play in the NHL.

Then this goal pretty much sold me on the team full time. We were talking and only half paying attention to the game, but around midway through that play, we both kindof just stopped and watched in awe as Toews pulled off that spectacular play.

Between Toews and (rookie of the year winner) Kane, Chicago had a rather exciting team last season. I probably only watched around 30 of their games, but that is more than I watched for any other team besides Buffalo. Khabibulin and other players such as Byfuglien, Sharp, and Buffalo native Kevyn Adams made the team easy to root for.

This season the team has picked up Huet, who I've always kindof liked and former Sabre Brian Campbell, who unlike some others who have left Buffalo I still like.

Furthermore, my other favorite players in the west, Jerome Iginla, and Marty Turco are both on teams that have signed some scum players this off season.

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