Thursday, September 11, 2008

EA Sports NHL 09

No game will ever overtake the awesomeness that was Blades of Steel, but EA's newest game NHL 09 does have better graphics even if it lacks the cool name. NHL 09 game has only a few minor changes from past titles in the series, and plays pretty much the same. More or less your typical sports game.

The Sabres are ranked more or less middle of the road, but have a few surprises in their lineup. Despite signing with HC Dinamo Minsk in Belarus Michael Ryan is still listed as a Sabre, and so is Nolan Pratt despite there being zero chance of him being resigned.

Also I saw Connolly get knocked down by a vicious check, and get up no injuries. I don't know if that was a hidden game setting or not, but seeing that was a bit odd.

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