Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ruff ranked amoung the best NHL coaches

This is about a month old, but a ranking of NHL coaches by ESPN repeats what Buffalo fans already know, in that Lind Ruff is on of the best coaches league wide. The other coaches chosen to be amoung the "elite" are Mike Babcock from Detroit, Minnesota's Jacques Lemaire and Nashville's Barry Trotz.

From the lock down no goals system of the late 90's to the high scoring speed game post lockout, Ruff has proven to be able to coach whatever style works best for his team, and to be to compete regardless, rather then to be stuck in one system. This year expect Ruff to be exually as adaptaive as the Sabres take on a slightly tougher side with Rivet, and more apperances by Kaleta. I don't see how keeping Ruff over the years has been anything but good. If only he would smile.

Also see why Top Shelf Cookies Loves Lindy Ruff.

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