Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The other Tyler

The Sabres second pick in the draft, like their first is named Tyler. Unlike the 12th overall pick Tyler Myers, the 26th overall pick, Tyler Ennis is a full foot shorter than Myers. While this is partially due to Myers being huge, Ennis is a bit of a small guy himself. That really shouldn't be a problem as the Sabres have a history of having smaller guys on the team. The Sabres have also previously drafted both of Ennis' current line mates, so should they all make it to the NHL, they will have plenty of experience together. The only real concern is that Ennis views himself as a Briere like player, which we hope doesn't mean slacking on defense. His references to himself as a stick handler, and a goal scorer would be more welcome if he also viewed himself as a passer, and a two way player. Still it will take a few years to see.

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