Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buffalo's top draft pick

Buffalo traded their 13th overall pick for the 12th overall pick, and wound up with
Defenseman Tyler Myers. Notably, he is tall, at 6'7" he is taller than every single player currently in the NHL not named Chara. Still despite the comparisons he gets with Chara due to his height, he appears to play more like Pronger in his style. It will be a few years before he has a chance with the Sabres, but as a first round pick his odds of eventually making the team are pretty good.

Despite playing internationally for Canada he was born in Texas (opposite of Pominville's switch), and Mirtle seems to like him so all should be good.

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James Mirtle said...

For a kid that big, he's a very, very strong skater. It may take him a while to come around, but that's a great choice for where they got him.