Thursday, June 5, 2008

Defense wins championships

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley cup against the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games. The sixth game wasn't all that close for the first two periods, and then down 3-1 the Penguins only managed to get one shot on goal in the first 16 minutes of the third. They really did try hard for the final few minutes of the game, but thats a strategy I've seen fail for the Sabres time and time again these past two seasons.

Henrik Zetterberg won the Conn Smythe, and Crosby and Hossa also did very well for their team as well. It should be interesting to see where Hossa ends up during the off-season. For the Red Wings both Cleary, and Lindstrom had very good series as well.

Hasek got another cup as he put up a 2-2 playoff record for his team. Osgood was probably the biggest surprise player of this post season, but he did get plenty of help from his defense. Marc-Andre Fleury played well for the Penguins especially in game five where he had 50 saves. Still he let in to bad goals in game six, and wasn't the overwhelmingly dominant player that Pittsburgh needed to be to bail them out at that point.

Given how flat the Penguins were in games one and two of the series, it's hard to say that the best team didn't win. Crosby will have to wait another year.

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