Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Predictions past and present

My second round prediction didn't go too well, as I only got half of them right. I was correct in predicting that Pittsburgh and Detroit would make it through, but was let down by San Jose and Montreal.

Perhaps I should have been more worried by the fact that the Habs had to go all the way to game seven with the Bruins, but Philly also went to seven games in the first round, and were only the sixth seed. Biron though continued to play very well, and Price fell apart (even getting pulled for one game). If Montreal had held onto Huet, perhaps this series would have gone in their favour. Still the Flyers look very beatable, and I'm expecting the Penguins to have very little trouble against this team.

Out west I'm predicting that the Stars keep on winning with the upsets. Turco has looked very good, and this season seems to have the perfect team around him to fit his style of play. Meanwhile Detroit has had it relatively easy in the first two rounds, and has still really not needed to prove itself in this post season. The Sharks had played much better in round one against Calgary, and had they kept up that intensity, probably would have won round two as well.

For the finals, I'm thinking Crosby gets his first Cup and the Penguins beat the Stars after Pittsburgh gets enough good shots off that Turco's save percentage doesn't matter anymore.

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