Monday, May 19, 2008

Pens move on and Afinogenov wins the worlds

The Pittsburgh Penguins moved on to the NHL finals with a decisive 6-0 victory over the Flyers. The win only proved what everyone already knew in that game four was just an exception. I feel a bit bad for former Sabre Biron, but in all honesty nobody was going to be able to stop the Penguins from winning the East this season.

Current Sabre Maxim Afinogenov's Russian team beat Derek Roy's Canadians for the world championships. The Canadians had been favored to win the tournament from the beginning, but Russia was known to have a solid program as well helped out heavily by the Capitals' Ovechkin, Semin and Fedorov. The Americans had been eliminated after losing to Finland earlier in the elimination round.

The Stanly Cup finals take place whenever either Dallas or Detroit decides to win their round. The Sabres foremost concern needs to be getting Gaustad under a long term contract.

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